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Recreational shrimpers use dip nets, traps, cast nets, frame nets, Nets that open with the flow of the current. Shrimping is a mostly a night time activity so you will need lights, submersible lights (in my opinion) works best as it illuminates and attracts, so that you may see them like bugs to a porch light. Shrimping can be done from a boat, seawall, or bridge. The tides can be crucial. Recreational bag limits here in Florida are 5 gallons, check local regulations. The shrimp will run from October thru June, for the shrimp on the east coast and July and August for shrimp in the ST. Johns River NE Florida, you just have to go and see if they are running. Don't forget to bring a fishing pole and bug repellant to keep you occupied while waiting for them. The lights attract sea trout and other nocturnal predators and will hit a rubber jig. Another note: For every shrimp net in the boat, a Florida saltwater license is required! Here are some shrimp recipes>  

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  High tide will be opposite the Daytona tide Oak hill

approximately 6 hours difference

New Smyrna and Edgewater, it is approximately 2 hours earlier than OH.


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Shrimping Reports For Florida East Coast Recreational Shrimpers

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Shrimping Report for 2009
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5/3/10 Check out the size of this monster I got Monday night Sent to me by a friend caught these monsters on Monday at Mathers Bridge in Indian Harbor Beach. Karl 8 3/4"
bigass shrimp!

3/24/10 I received this pic of a 8 1/2" shrimp. So far this one has topped all other pics. Thanks Wildman
for this pic and keep up the good work! Click the image below and send me your largest shrimp on the take measure.
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