Do not buy a green or blue net, the shrimp can see them and you will not get as many shrimp. If you have a blue or green net, sell it or save it for crabbing this summer.  Get a white or monofiliment net. The shrimp have a problem seeing the white net and will swim into it. With a blue or green net they will not. So stay with the white or monofiliment.

There are two basic styles of nets. The two foot and the three foot sock. The two foot sock comes off the rim of the net, about a foot into a small sock.  Below is a photo of two nets 96" hoops, The one on the right is a better built net. Expect to pay $20 more. The one on the right should go for $50-$70

If you are shrimping off a pier or bridge you will want the full twenty foot pole, three sections. Each section is six feet long plus the net. If you want to get out further, as on a bridge, then you need to adjust your length accordingly. If you are shrimping out of a boat then you will only need the section with the net on it. Eight feet of net will do fine.


Frame net" means a net in the form of an elongated bag kept open by a rigid frame that is buoyed by floats and is not fished or dragged along the bottom.

It's a net that is approved by the State of Florida. It has a PVC frame with a sock that is eight to eighteen feet long. A framenet is used mostly at Oakhill. The boat is anchored sideways . A Framenet has a bridle with which a rope is attached. You put the box net in the water down current. If the current is too strong the box net will ride up on top of the water. So you will need a weight to get it down. Framenets get lots of shrimp  very easily. It also gets all the grass, crabs and everything else that comes along. Only one frame net with an opening no larger than 16 feet around the perimeter, if deployed from a vessel or from a structure other than an operational bridge or causeway or catwalk attached to such bridge or causeway is permitted. To keep shrimp from escaping add some mesh around the opening to fold inward to stop the shrimp from walking out.

2. Frame nets shall not be considered an allowable gear for persons harvesting shrimp pursuant to this rule in any waters of the Southeast Region in Dade County. Jethro

 Locations to buy shrimp nets and gear

American Hardware       

100 S Ridgewood Ave
Edgewater, FL 32132-1916                  
Phone: (386)428-9784                           

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Florida Fishmasters Pro Guides

3325 13th St
St Cloud, FL 34769-4050
Phone: (407)892-5962

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Kelly's Bait & Stuff123 N US Highway 1
Oak Hill, FL 32759-9697
Phone: (386)345-0990
37.69 mi.
Map | Directions | What's NearbySM


Acton Bait and Tackle
425 Garden St.
Titusville, FL 32796-3388
Phone: (321)264-0996

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Anchor Hardware & Storage726 US Highway 1
Oak Hill, FL 32759-8450
Phone: (386)345-0746
38.27 mi.

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Carter's Motel & Mobile Vlg

2450 S Ridgewood Ave
Edgewater, FL 32141-7517
Phone: (386)428-8916

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7.06 mi.

Coronet Motel

6010 US Highway 1
Mims, FL 32754-5813
Phone: (321)268-0800

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9.61 mi.

All-Suite Motel Inc

335 N Ridgewood Ave
Edgewater, FL 32132-1648
Phone: (386)427-0400

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